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Secure IT Solutions

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Office Phone Systems

Secure IT Solutions
Secure IT Solutions


Although founded on a telecom background, Paracom has constantly evolved with implementation of fresh ideas and concepts using thoughtful methodology, based on a foundation of experience, creativity, and management in offering diverse professional services to organizations large and small.


Paracom is proud to offer the professional services of our team for your business or personal projects. Experienced and knowledgable, they can offer insights for almost any situation.

Experienced IT Solutions

Offering professional solutions for all your IT needs, from installation and maintenance of a variety of network capabilities with extensive proficiency in telecom networks, including VOiP, UNIX, DSL, and CAT-6, point-of-sale equipment (Micros, Clover), to camera, phone, and WAN/LAN & VPN systems. Work experience includes management and installation of regional and international system projects worldwide, including IT support for local clientele Sea-Tac Bar Group, Advanced Family Medicine, MJ Takisaki Construction, InMotion Entertainment, The Massage Bar, among others.

Arick Davis

IT Professional

With close to 30 years experience in the telecommunications/networking industry, he is our systems engineer and manager who oversees all network requirements for both Paracom and Concourse Concessions. His team constantly monitors on a 24/7 basis to assure a stable and reliable connection company-wide. 

Offers a multitude of work experience in the installation and management of IT systems locally and worldwide.

“The knowledge and experience that
Arick has given me has been invaluable in helping develop systems that are secure, reliable,
 and cost-effective”

Scott Arnold

IT Consultant